My Seasons Inside the K Drama 2014 Area step three out of 3 and new champ are…

My Seasons Inside the K Drama 2014 Area step three out of 3 and new champ are…

I considered she was most comfortable together with the essential chemistry which have Kai. Yes one particular sweet and you will pleasant arc.

Even with the girl delighted arc with Kai, Soo- jin appeared the quintessential actually “herself” with Lee Jong Suk, I do believe, and nearly once the involved with this new hug like with Kai. However, Jong Suk might have hug biochemistry having a white article thus perhaps I’m bringing a false positive.

In accordance with the Soo-jin profile given that a shop customer support people, I can look for her being keen on a difficult-doing work middle administration son such as for instance Playground Hae Jin’s profile, however, she never ever appeared comfortable with him.

Jong Suk’s arc is different from all the anyone else, he had been not getting their but alternatively, it actually was an “Acting” kiss- but probably the fresh new prettiest almost hug.

I became really surprised that i disliked Lee Joon Gi’s arc, and i also extremely enjoyed Kai’s arch along with his chemistry with the brand new actress.

Dal Bong-Oh, come on you are aware we all you to definitely finished Loveable Woman achieved it because the we realized canine was going to pass away and you can Precipitation would definitely scream

What exactly do you think? Which arch did you like the best? And this nearly hug? And you may in which usually Lee Min Ho easily fit in just like the wildcard?

Scarcely perform those two kinds coincide, however, whenever i said simply dos, I’ve zero issues about this drama, besides certain continuity situations, We adored they so you’re able to parts, that is an unusual procedure.

Finest Lady Lead: Jung Wan, Do we Like-find unique opinion. In my opinion easily you are going to end Relationships Perhaps not Matchmaking, Jang-mi could well be romantic.

Sun-mi in the Do we Love-That it profile had a lot of hate regarding people, however, together with the editors undertaking The top Lie you to set the lady reputation along the edge, she wasn’t any distinct from of several Male next leads. She has also been the new see person to have assist in the new female relationship, and the majority of people seemed to miss that.

OMG these guys are in all drama! (step three or higher dramas that You will find watched when you look at the 2014)– Choi Jin hyuk, Park Minute-woo, Choi Woo-sik, Playground Claimed-suk, Kim Kap Soo, Lim Ye-lin, Shim Hyung-tak, Jang Claimed-younger, Shin Seung-Hwan!

Finest Cryer: Kim Soo Hyun. Hyun Container is actually to make a drama the following year, you’ll possess competition, old son.

Siwan inside the Misaeng- his innocence and just being weighed down by world, juxataposed from the laugh into the his deal with within the last event whenever Manager Oh suggests he is to hook the sales child you to grabbed this product. Wow.

Han Yeo-reum in-marriage Maybe not Matchmaking-Like so it character, he was just the ideal, big hearted son

I did not create an excellent business to be a whole lot more people profile centric. I believe I happened to be aware of it, and you may enhanced, however, I’ve found me becoming increasingly mad towards depiction away from feamales in mass media, and you will korean crisis.

REVISITING My personal Want to Number To possess 2014 My personal desire to listing getting 2014 (I’d so you’re able to throw in specific k pop posts randki thaicupid too because the, hello, it is my personal should listing):

Yoon Si Yoon within the an adult role and you may where the guy will get to open up lips make out together with his co-superstar, so essentially Yoon Si Yoon within the a sexy role. Really, I am not sure what’s happening regarding the Marines, however, yeah, my personal guys providing his go out.

Lee Minute Ho and you can Kang Sora for the a good bickering partners rom com. Lee Min Ho are unable to frequently sit off the trip circuit for a lengthy period to make a drama. Did he join the rodeo otherwise what?

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