I really do like the fresh new possum wrasses, but do you consider they had be friends with the redline wrasse?

I really do like the fresh new possum wrasses, but do you consider they had be friends with the redline wrasse?

I do not thought it could be compatible to try and squeeze an effective Cirrhilabrus varieties on container. I am aware the fresh new Paracheilinus variety aren’t enthusiastic is kept unicamente, very they truly are aside. This new Pseudocheilinus are too feisty to own my needs (especially in a container it proportions). In my own quote, one to departs the latest Wetmorella kinds. These are typically so timid and you will docile (and you can super! People do not go shopping since places commonly stocking them, which is once the no-one wants her or him so they you should never inventory her or him for all of us observe and stuff like that. If you are spending who knows the amount of money (and big date, and effort) on a tank, I would personally go ahead and do everything I will in order to snag one perfect top gem off a fish out of my personal wishlist!

Dimensions, readily available shelter/hiding metropolises/separation out-of eyes outlines, frequency out of serving, roominess of your tank, many of these are more extremely important. If you find yourself intent on a wrasse, get a hold of certainly comparable size and sustain monitoring of her or him to possess territoriality and you will race to possess dinner. Several feedings on a daily basis could be a large help suppress people aggression if it shows up. Simply be ready to lay one in this new “penalty box” or due to the fact Bob phone calls they “time-out” when you look at the a noodles colander. It is protected on the site in detail. Keep in mind we have been these are netting a good wrasse, and therefore due to the fact you’re probably aware can be nightmarish. Basically, my personal priority wouldn’t be the wrasses chosen (within cause) but alternatively a backup package would be to things go south.

That being said, with a few smallish variety, brought as close with her as possible, and you will a watch aside for behavioral difficulties, just be okay with any of the options your said over. Disappointed! Thank you once again plenty for everybody that you manage on interest! Vow this might be useful. We trickle acclimated for around ninety moments following the bulbs ran call at the fresh container. A week ago, in the a dozen occasions later, the fresh new Dottyback is going and you can in the investigating the new landscaping. ‘s the new addition the reason behind his shyness? Did We trap him the underside, otherwise would he manage to wiggle aside if that was in which he’d selected to bed past?

The fresh odd part is the fact that redline wrasse are nowhere so you’re able to rise above the crowd

Carter Re: Wrasse compatibility 5/ Wrasse made his grand appearance shortly after your reply. Anyway, I thought you’d like to know!

A green move wrasse (Pseudocheilinops ataenia) is possible, nonetheless appear fairly impractical to select

New Wrasse additions 5/ Hello WWM Crew, I have a 12′ 460 gallon aquarium, stocked with a 5.5″ Harlequin Tusk (can be very aggressive to new additions- he was particularly so with my Birdmouth Wrasse who he chased repeatedly), a 6″ Birdmouth Wrasse, 5″ Majestic Angel, big Snowflake and Zebra Moray and a 9-10″ Golden Puffer amongst a number of Domino Damsels. I was thinking about adding at the same time a large Sling-Jaw Wrasse (Epibulus insidiator), a Moon Wrasse (Thalassoma lunare) and a Yellow Moon Wrasse (Thalassoma lutescens) to the mix. I have plenty of live rock split into two islands with a large open water swimming space in the centre of the tank. Do you think these Wrasse would be suitable with my current stock and with each other, particularly adding the two Thalassoma wrasse? Lastly, slightly off topic I have had both the Harlequin Tusk and Majestic Angel for 3.5 years now and have noticed minimal growth in both, particularly with the Majestic. Do you know of any reason for why this may be the case? Perhaps as I see Okcupid vs Zoosk cost them every day I don’t notice the growth as much. Thank you for your time and advice, I appreciate it a lot! Jake

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